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The "Workshops" series

The "Workshops" series

Ever wanted to know what academics on search panels really think about application materials?

  • What should an applicant include in a CV?
  • How does one structure a cover letter?
  • What are research statements all about?

Well, other postdocs want to know, too! So a subcommittee of the postdoc committee are organising a series of workshops to address these questions. 

We've had four such workshops which have covered most of the gamut of applying for academic jobs. In case you couldn't make it for the free pizza, the notes are complied here for easy reference. Note that job talks are covered a bit in workshop 4.

The postdoc committee would like to thank all the Zoology PIs who dedicated their time to this workshop series.

Workshop 1: CVs

CV workshop notes

Workshop 2: Cover letters

Cover letters workshop notes

Workshop 3: Interviews

Interviews workshop notes

Workshop 4: Research and teaching statements

Research and teaching statements workshop notes

Workshop 5: "Tools for Life" and wellbeing in research

Tools for life workshop notes

Workshop 6: Careers in Publishing, Administration & Industry

 Careers in Publishing, Administration & Industry workshop notes 

Workshop 7: Hiring and Managing a Team

Hiring and Managing a Team workshop notes 


Please note these documents are a product of an informal discussion and represent personal opinions that do not reflect the position of the University and the Department of Zoology on these matters. They are rough transcripts of the conversations that have not been edited for content.