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Helen’s new book has been very well-reviewed:

'Helen Scales is first and foremost a marine biologist, but she has a natural gift for storytelling ... I’ll never be able to walk past a seashell again without picking it up and examining it.' Mark Carwardine

'There is rich detail in all directions. One does not know what will come next. Often the descriptions made me see shafts of sunlight underwater, irradiating extraordinary places and creatures. That is just what the book does itself.’    The Guardian

Photo by Ria Mishaal

Postdoc on tropical deforestation, agriculture and local livelihoods

An exciting interdisciplinary 3-year postdoc project investigating the effectiveness of different interventions aimed at slowing tropical deforestation, and in particular the idea that such efforts are more likely to be effective and socially equitable where they are linked to compensatory increases in agricultural outputs outside of forests. The project will be jointly supervised by Andrew Balmford, David Coomes and Bhaskar Vira, the closing date is 6 March