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Seminars and Events

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Academic Survivorship Events for Zoology Postdocs

These events aim to tackle typical issues of the postdoctoral career stage, such as publishing, writing grants/fellowships, and time management, to name a few. We’d love to hear suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered, so feel free to contact the events organiser!

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Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series

The Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series is organized by Drs. Stephen Montgomery and Kiyoko Gotanda. Talks cover recent research on a wide variety of topics from evolutionary genetics through behavioural ecology to ecology and natural history.  Speakers are international, national and local. Part II undergraduate zoologists are encouraged to attend.

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Cambridge Conservation Seminars

Cambridge Conservation Seminars is a joint collaboration with the Department of Geography and runs every Wednesday at 5pm in the Large Lecture Theatre in the Geography Dept.

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Evolution and Development Seminar Series

The Evolution and Development (evo devo) seminar series is organized by PhD students in Michael Akam’s lab (Department of Zoology) and Clare Baker’s lab (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience), the series covers all aspects of Evolutionary Developmental Biology and includes speakers who have had a significant impact on the field.

It consists of relatively informal lunchtime talks, which take about 45-50 minutes, followed by 10-15 min of questions and discussion. We aim to highlight the common themes underpinning the diverse and multi-disciplinary research on organisms right across the animal radiation. Topics include micro- and macroevolution, embryology, developmental genetics, palaeontology and computational biology.

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Scientific Ethics Seminar Series

The Scientific Ethics Seminar Series is designed to give research students the chance to confront and discuss ethical issues they will face as professional scientists. Such a course is felt to be necessary in view of the sensitivity of society to the perceived misbehaviour of scientists, the complex relationship between scientific issues and society and the increasing pressure on scientists in a competitive environment.

As this course is only offered every two years, research students are expected to attend in either Year 1 or Year 2. Students in later years who may have missed the previous course are also welcome to attend, as are interested post-docs. 

All sessions are from 5 to 6pm in the Zoology Tea Room and consist of an informal presentation (approx. 10 mins), setting out the issues and questions, after which the topic will be opened for discussion.

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Summer Seminar Series

These talks were instigated to give more exposure to current research being conducted within the Department of Zoology, and to bridge the gap between postgraduate beer talks and the re-vamped tea talk series.

With other seminar series finishing for the summer, it is hoped that people will take advantage of the opportunity to hear from colleagues spanning a range of research interests. Two speakers share each hour-long seminar, and the series runs for six weeks.

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Tea talks

The Tea Talks are organised by senior members of the department. Speakers come from within the University of Cambridge, the UK and from abroad and their topics cover the broad range of research interests in the Department.

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Zoology Graduate Seminars (ZoGS)

The ZoGS (formerly known as Beer Talks) are a seminar series run by and for graduate students. Students present their work to a friendly audience, composed of students and post-docs. While listening to the talk, you can enjoy cheap beer and free pizza (which always finishes very quickly!). Usually takes place for 4-5 weeks each term.

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