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Dr Tatsuya Amano
  • Academic Visitor
01223 (7)69468
Dr Kate Criswell
  • Royal Society Shooter International Fellow
Joshua (Jorn) Jager
  • Visitor in Walter Federle's Lab
Arne Jungwirth
  • SNF Early Postdoc Mobility Fellow
01223 (3)31861
Dr. Nibedita Mukherjee
  • Academic Visitor
01223 (7)69468
Dr Della Murton
  • Visitor with Andrea Manica
Dr Ben Phalan
  • Research Associate, Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Dr Andy Plumptre
  • Director of Science, Africa Program
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
Dr Julia Spaet
  • Academic Visitor with Dr Andrea Manica
Jonathan Spencer
  • Visitor with Bill Sutherland
Dr Steven Van Belleghem
  • Research associate
01223 (3)36602