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Department of Zoology


We encourage and welcome applications for Junior Research Fellowships in the Department of Zoology. If you are interested in making an application with us:

Contact the Group Leader in the Department whose group you would like to join as soon as possible to discuss whether they can host you. Group Leaders will be able to provide advice with your application, space for your research (if necessary) and will mentor you while you are here to ensure effective career development.

Once you have a host group in place, your Group Leader will complete a short form which will be submitted to the Department. Applications must be submitted by Group Leaders via this online form as soon as possible and at least one month in advance of the submission date. If your application is to be submitted via the Research Operations Office (ROO) applications should be submitted one month before the ROO deadline which is usually 5-7 days working days prior to the funder’s deadline.

When the Department have confirmed that they are willing to support your application we will provide guidance on the rest of the internal application approval process.

Examples of Junior Research Fellowship schemes are:             

Marie Curie Research Fellowship

Human Frontier Science Programme Postdoctoral Fellowship

EMBO Fellowship                    

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship This scheme requires matched funding from the Isaac Newton Trust  

Royal Society Newton International Fellowship

Royal Commission Exhibition of 1851

Branco-Weiss Fellowship