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Department of Zoology


Research Fellowships in the Department of Zoology provide an amazing opportunity to carry out independent research in a vibrant, stimulating and supportive research environment. Junior research fellows typically progress to more Senior Research Fellowships, sometimes within this Department, sometimes at other institutions.         

Examples of Junior Research Fellowship schemes are:             

College Junior Research Fellowships (please refer to individual college websites for more information)                              

Marie Curie Research Fellowship                      

Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (requires matched funding from the Isaac Newton Trust)                                                  

If you are interested in applying for a junior research fellowship:

1. Contact a Group Leader in the Department whose group you would like to join to discuss whether they are willing to host you.

Group Leaders will be able to provide advice with your application, space for your research (if necessary) and will mentor you while you are here to ensure effective career development.

2. Once you have a host group in place contact the Head of Department, outlining the details you have arranged with the Group Leader, to discuss whether the Department is willing to support your application.