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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Jane Acred 01223 (3)36648 Senior Library Assistant
Professor Michael Akam FRS 01223 (3)30114 1866 Professor of Zoology (Emeritus)
Professor David Aldridge 01223 (3)34436 or (3)31769, College Professor in Zoology, University Associate Professor in Aquatic Ecology
Dr Rosamunde Almond, Visitor
Professor William Amos 01223 (3)36616 or (3)36677 Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
Facility Room Amphioxus 01223 (7)65408
Anna Anderson Postgraduate Student
Francesca Anthony 01223 (3)36647 Teaching Administrator
Jack Ashby 01223 (7)61344 Assistant Director - Museum of Zoology
Esme Ashe-Jepson PhD student
Dr Robert Asher 01223 (3)36680 Associate Professor and Curator, University Museum of Zoology
Mairenn Attwood PhD Student
Rachel Aucott 01223 (3)34451 Website and Communications Coordinator (part-time)
Griffin Badalamente Research Assistant
Thomas Ball Research Associate
Professor Andrew Balmford FRS 01223 (3)31770 Professor of Conservation Science
Louise Balshaw 07903885491, Departmental Administrator
Professor Richard SK Barnes FRSSAf Research Fellow, Hon Research Professor, Rhodes University, Hon Associate Professor, and Member of the Centre for Marine Science, University of Queensland
Nigel Barnett 01223 (3)36656 or 07917 535751 Senior Maintenance Assistant
William Barrie Postgraduate Student
Harriet Bartlett PhD Student
Professor Michael Bate FRS Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
Professor Howard Baylis 01223 (3)36601 (HoD), Head of Department, Professor in Cell Signalling Biology
Robert Beale 01223 (3)34416 Laboratory Support Technician
Simon Beeton 01223 (3)36646 or 07824 835172 Accounts/Purchasing Chief Clerk
Dr Elia Benito-Gutiérrez 01223 (7)63895 or (3)36663 or (7)65408 Senior Research Associate - Group Leader
Deliveries Benito-Gutierrez/Simpson
Dr Leon Bennun Visitor
Caroline Benson Hall 01223 (3)36650 Museum Receptionist (Part-time)
Adam Bent 01223 (3)32767 Technician
Lily Bentley PhD Student
Dr Matthew A. Benton 01223 (7)69012, Visitor, Research Fellow
Iris Berger PhD Student
Eleanor Bladon 01223 (3)31861 PhD Candidate
Dr Andrew Bladon Research Associate
Rachel Blow PhD Student
Dr Richard Bradbury Honorary Research Fellow, Head of People Conservation Science, RSPB Centre for Conservation Science
Professor Paul Brakefield FRS 01223 (3)36612 or (3)36623 Professor of Zoology (Emeritus)
Patrick Brechka 01223 (7)68916 PhD Student
Dr Michael Brooke 01223 (3)36610 Strickland Curator of Ornithology, University Museum of Zoology
Paul Stephen Brooks 01223 (3)34475 or (3)34449 Research Associate
Professor Neil Burgess Honorary Research Fellow, Head of Science at UNEP-WCMC,, Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Copenhagen
Professor Malcolm Burrows FRS 01223 (3)36628 Emeritus Professor
Dr Stuart Butchart Honorary Research Fellow, Chief Scientist, Birdlife International
Ilya Carey Postgraduate Student
Dr Jose Casal-Jimenez 01223 (7)69015 or (3)34481 Senior Research Associate
Andrew Catherall 01223 (3)34466 PhD Student
Dr Nicolo Ceffa Visitor
Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Gianluca Cerullo, Postgraduate Student
Dr Pritish Chakravarty 01223 (7)67130 Research Associate
Andrew Champion Research Assistant
Claire Chapman 01223 (3)36601 PA to HoD and DA
Ann Charlton 01223 (7)69354 Visitor
Barbara Chase Teaching Office Assistant
Simon Chen 01223 (7)68916 PhD Student
Ritabrata Chowdhury MPhil Student
Sayam U. Chowdhury, PhD Student
Alec P. Christie 07955184785 Henslow Research Fellow, Downing College, Cambridge
Agne Civilyte 01223 (7)65406 Visitor
Bethan Clark Postgraduate Student
Dr Michael Clayton Visitor
Professor Tim Clutton-Brock FRS 01223 (3)36605 Director of Research and formerly Prince Philip Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lydia Collas PhD Student
Margherita Colucci Research Associate
Hotdesk Conservation Science Group 01223 (7)65412
Jane Cook 01223 (3)36600 Receptionist
Roberto Correa PhD Student
Dr Marta Costa 01223 (3)34455 Senior Research Associate
Dr Dominic Cram 01223 (3)31759 Research Associate
Dr Kate Criswell Research Associate, Charles & Katharine Darwin Research Fellow
Evangeline Crouch Research Assistant
Computing Helpdesk CSCS 01223 (3)36261 or (3)36262 or (3)36624
Scanner Room CT 01223 (7)65405
Dr Darron Cullen 01223 (3)31767 Visitor, Research Fellow, University of Lincoln, Associate Researcher, KU Leuven
Marcia Cunha dos Santos Research Assistant
Dr Jo Darlington Visitor
Professor Nick Davies FRS 01223 (3)34405 Emeritus Professor of Behavioural Ecology
Bianca De Sanctis 01223 (7)65407 Postgraduate Student
Dr Lynn Dicks 01223 (3)36630, University Lecturer in Animal Ecology
Dr Henry Disney 01223 (3)36654 Zoology Research Fellow, University Museum of Zoology
Tanmay Dixit PhD Student
Dr Paul Donald Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Zhaoke Dong Visitor
Dr Harriet Downey Research Associate
Christian Drerup PhD Student
Amina Dulac Research Associate
Christopher Duncan 01223 (3)36673
Dr Katie Dunkley Junior Research Fellow, Christ's College
Christopher Dunne Research Assistant
Pieter Durman Postgraduate Student
Katharina Eichler 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Oxana Elliott 01223 (3)34416 or (7)62779
Madeleine Emms 01223 769030 PhD Student
Charles Emogor Graduate Student
Philip Erm Graduate Student
Dr Claire Eschbach 01223 (7)68910 Research Associate
Alison Eyres Research Associate
Dr Caroline C. G. Fabre 01223 (3)36622 Visitor
Anna Farré I Orteu PhD Student
Aramish Fatima Postgraduate Student
Professor Walter Federle 01223 (7)63435 Professor of Comparative Biomechanics
Dr Greg Fedewa 01223 (3)30933 or (3)34872 Research Associate
Dr Daniel J. Field Strickland Curator of Ornithology, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Palaeobiology, Fellow, Christ's College Cambridge
Dr John Flowerdew 01223 (3)36609 Research Fellow
Dr William Foster 01223 (3)36615 Director of Alumni Relations, Senior Lecturer and Curator of Insects (Emeritus)
Emma Francis 01223 (3)36656 or 07824 835175 Deputy Facilities Manager
Dr Adrian Friday 01223 (3)36671 Research Fellow
Monica Frisch 01223 (3)36619 Office Manager for Tropical Biology Association
Devlin A Gandy 01223 (7)65407 Visitor
Emma Garnett 01223 (3)36670 Visitor
Giacomo Gattoni 01223 (3)36663 PhD Student
Dr Stephen John Gaunt 01223 (7)68917 Affiliated researcher of the Museum
Tomas Generalovic PhD Student
Dr Andrew Gillis 01223 (3)34452 Royal Society University Research Fellow
Hansjürgen Girolimetto 01223 (3)6656 or 07824 835152 Senior Building Services Technician
Marina Gkantia Research Assistant
Louisa Gordon Research Coordinator
Jennifer Gossman 01223 (7)69303 Assistant Conservator
Postgraduate Office
Professor Rhys Green 01223 (7)62840 Honorary Professor of Conservation Science
Professor Sir John Gurdon Kt DPhil DSc FRS 01223 (3)34090 Emeritus Professor
Jolanta Gutowska 01223 (3)36646 Senior Accounts Clerk
Peter Hague Visitor
Nigel Hall 01223 (3)36607 or 07824 835156 Senior Insect & Aquatic Cultures Technician
Nadia Hamilton Postgraduate Student
Jack Hargrave Postgraduate Student
Martina Harianja 01223 (7)68919 PhD student
Patricia Harnett 01223 (3)30110 Marketing and Communications Assistant (part-time)
Matthew Hayes PhD Student
Prof Jason J. Head +44 (0)1223 (7)65387 Professor of Vertebrate Evolution and Ecology, Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, University Museum of Zoology, Director of Postgraduate Education, Chair, Cambridge Biotomography Centre
Olivia Healey PhD Student
Laura Hebberecht Lopez PhD Student
Dr Berthold Hedwig 01223 (3)36603 or (3)31767 (Lab) Professor of Neurobiology
Dr Ivana Henry Visitor
Ella Henry Postgraduate Student
Dr James Herbert-Read 01223 (7)68946 Whitten Lecturer in Marine Biology, Assistant Professor
Aaron Hickey PhD Student
Emily Hillan MPhil Student
Camilla Hinde Visitor
Dr Jason Hodgson Research Associate
Mark Hodgson 01223 (3)36600 or 07824 835157 Cleaner
Zoe Holland 01223 (3)36600 Cleaner
Roxy Holmes PhD Student
Broderick House PhD Student
Dr Tom Houslay Research Associate
Alexandra Howard 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Kate Howlett 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Nan Hu 01223 (3)36640 / 01223 (7)68910 Research Assistant
Tianhui Hu Postgraduate Student
Dr Sarah James 01223 (30933) or (3)34872 Research Associate, Graduate Student
Tom Jameson PhD Student
Dr Gabriel A. Jamie 01223 (3)31759 Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dr Coline Jaworski Research Associate
Dr Gregory Jefferis 01223 267048 Director of Research
Professor Chris Jiggins 01223 (7)69021 Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Professor Rufus Johnstone 01223 (3)36685 Professor of Evolution and Behaviour
Benjamin Jones Visitor
Natalie Jones 01223 (7)69303 Museum Conservator
Dr Terry Jones 01223 (3)30933 Senior Research Associate
Joshua Jones Research Assistant
Julie Joslin 01223 (3)36600 Cleaner
Glennis Julian 07843763432 Research Associate
Daniel Keitley Graduate Student
James Kennerley PhD Student
Dr Arik Kershenbaum 01223 (7)60017, Visitor
Professor Barry Keverne ScD FRS FMedSci 01223 (7)47309 Emeritus Professor
Ming Khan Postgraduate Student
Professor Rebecca Kilner FRS 01223 (3)31766 Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Director, University Museum of Zoology, co-Lead, Collections-Connections-Communities Strategic Research Initiative
Dr Kate Kincaid Research Associate
Dr Athene Knüfer Research Associate
Dr Eva Koch Research Associate
Niklas Krick Visitor
Associate Professor Torsten Krude 01223 (3)30111 Associate Professor
Dominik Krzeminski Research Associate
Karin Kuchta 01223 (7)61701 HR Assistant Administrator
Dr Matthias Landgraf 01223 (7)69348 Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
Dr Nancy Lane 01223 (3)36609 Zoology Research Fellow
Professor Ron Laskey FRS CBE 01223 (3)34106 Emeritus Professor of Animal Embryology
Professor Simon Laughlin FRS 01223 (3)36608 Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology
Dr Peter A. Lawrence FRS 01223 (7)69015 or (3)34481 MRC Emeritus Scientist
Mark Lawrence PhD Student
James Lea Visitor
Dr Helen Leggett Visitor
Eric LeGresley PhD student
Sam Leonard MPhil Student
Dr Michela Leonardi +44 (0)1223 (7)69030 Research Associate
Dr Nicola Lewis 01223 (7)63434 Senior Research Associate
Lisa Liebens Postgraduate Student
Dr Chu-Cheng Lin Research Assistant
Dr Luca Livraghi 01223 (3)36644 Research Associate
Mathew Lowe 01223 (7)63086 Museum Collections Manager
Dr Sarah Luke Visitor
Jess Lund Postgraduate Student
Debbie Macklin 01223 (7)65396 Tropical Biology Association
Ruairidh Macleod Postgraduate Student in Archaeology
Sub Dept of Animal Behaviour Madingley
Professor Andrea Manica 01223 (3)36627 Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
Aleksandra Marconi PhD Student
Piotr Marcyniuk 01223 (3)36600 or 07738 017025 Cleaner
Dr Elizabeth Marin 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Dr Rahia Mashoodh 01223 (7)69016 BBSRC Future Leader Fellow
Dr Samuel Matchette Research Associate
Dr Tania Maxwell Research Associate
Dr Brian McCabe 01223 (7)47313 University Lecturer (retired)
Paula McPhee Visitor
Dr Joana Isabel Meier 01223 (3)36644 Branco Weiss Fellow, Bateson Research Fellow, St John's College
Ian Millar 01223 (7)47303 or 07732 864970 Chief Technician
Eleanor Miller 01223 (7)69030 Research Associate
Michael Miller MPhil Student
Dr Emily Mitchell 01223 (7)62935 NERC Independent Research Fellow
Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich Research Associate
Dr William Morgan Research Associate
William Morris 01223 (3)34455 Research Assistant
Jake Morris Research Associate
Dr Sylviane Moss 01223 (3)36620 Laboratory and Facilities Manager
Ana Mosterín Höpping 01223 (3)30933 Research Associate
Professor Nicholas Mundy 01223 (3)36657 Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, Deputy Head of Department (Teaching)
Eva Munnelly Research Assistant
Museum Enquiries 01223 (3)36650
Helia Naji Moghaddam 01223 (7)65407 Research Assistant
Dr Gerrit Nanninga +61421807123 Research Associate
Antonia Netzl Postgraduate Student, Research Assistant
Anastasia Nezhentseva 01223 (7)69413 or (3)30117 Human Resources & Grants Administrator
Dr David Nguyen Visitor
Henry North PhD Student
Athanasios Ntelezos PhD Student
Isobel Ollard PhD student
Dr Matthew Oswald 01223 (3)36681 Research Associate
Cheryl-Samantha (Sam) Owen 01223 (7)65394 Tropical Biology Association
Johanna Paijmans Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow
Professor Debbie Pain Honorary Research Fellow
Jenny Palmer 01223 (3)36646 Senior Accounts/Purchasing Clerk
Michelle Parker 01223 (7)69030 PhD Student
Abigail Parker PhD Student
Dr Michael Pashkevich 01223 (7)68919 Marshall Sherfield Fellow
Dr Stephen Pates Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr David Pattinson Visitor
Milena Pavlickova PhD Student
Dr James Pearce-Higgins Honorary Research Fellow, Director of Science, British Trust for Ornithology,, BTO Office, David Attenborough Building
Lizzie Pearmain PhD Student
Alice Pearson 01223 (7)65407 Visitor
Monika Perez 01223 (7)69277 PhD student
Shiela Peterson 01223 (3)36659 or (3)36600 Cleaner
Dr Silviu O Petrovan Senior Research Associate
Dr Tom Pettini Research Associate
Professor Richard Phillips Honorary Research Fellow, Head of the Higher Predators and Conservation group, BAS Ecosystems programme, Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter
Dr Erika Cristina Pinheiro de Castro 01223 (7)69022 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow
Marcus Pitcaithly 01223 (3)36647, Postgraduate Administrator
Megan Popkin PhD Student
Dr Sophie Potter Coordinator: Collections - Connections – Communities
Dr Richard Preece 01223 (3)36666 University Reader & Curator of Malacology, University Museum of Zoology (Emeritus)
Purchasing Office 01223 (3)36646
Caren Queiroz-Souza, Visiting Student
Dr Maanasa Raghavan 01223 (7)62935 Visitor
Dr Nadine Randel 01223 (7)68910 Research Associate
Dr Kate Rawlinson 01223 497177/ 01223 334452 Janet Thornton Fellow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute., Research Associate, Department of Zoology.
Jenaid Rees 01223 (3)34452 PhD Student
Valentine Reiss-Woolever PhD Student
Dr Miranda Robbins Visitor
Lucy Roberts 01223 (7)68919 PhD candidate
Penny Roth 01223 (3)36618 Secretary to Prof. Tim Clutton-Brock
Poppy Roth 01223 (3)34872 or (3)30933 Centre Coordinator, Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Dr Shay Rotics 01223 (3)36682 Blavatnik Research Fellow
Dr Hannah Rowland 01223 (3)31758 Visitor
Kirsten Russell 01223 (3)36646 Senior Accounts/Purchasing Clerk
Dr Patricio Salazar Visitor
Varun Aniruddha Sane Research Assistant
Assistant Professor Emília Santos 01223 (3)36678 NERC Independent Research Fellow, Assistant Professor
Christiana Scheib Visitor
Dr. Philipp Schlegel 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Tarryn Schuldiner-Harpaz Visitor
Michael Schwimmer 01223 (3)36663 PhD Student
David Seager Postgraduate Student
Piotr Sitnik 01223 (7)47300 Cleaner at Madingley
Professor Helen Skaer 01223 (7)63189 Emeritus Professor of Developmental Biology
Professor Derek Smith 01223 (3)34872 or (3)30933 Professor of Infectious Disease Informatics, Director of Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Jack Marcus Smith PhD Student
Dr Rebecca K. Smith 01223 (7)60832 Senior Research Associate, Conservation Science Group.
Dr Timothy Smithson 01223 (3)36649 Visitor
Keturah Smithson 01223 (7)65405 Research Assistant, CT Scan Technician
Lisa Sneath 01223 (7)65416 Business Development Coordinator
Dr Daniel Sobrido Camean Research Associate
Dr Mark Spalding Honorary Research Fellow, Senior Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Chief Science Advisor, Government of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Professor Tim Sparks 01223 (3)36666 Visitor
Dr Claire Spottiswoode Principal Research Associate, Hans Gadow Lecturer, Pola Pasvolsky Chair in Conservation Biology (University of Cape Town)
Rachel Spring 01223 (7)62773 Conservation Science Group Assistant
Ildikó Stark PhD Student
Russell Stebbings 01223 (7)68915 Chief Technician (Invertebrates Collections & Archives)
Sara Steele 01223 (7)68918 Museum Education Assistant
Nile Stephenson Postgraduate Student
Dr Joan Stevenson-Hinde 01223 (7)47312 Emeritus Senior Research Fellow, Emeritus Fellow of Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall)
Jake Stone 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Dr Tomke Stuerner 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Professor William Sutherland CBE 01223 (3)36686 Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
Nicola Swan Conservation Science Group - Conference Administrator
Dr Tom Swinfield Research Associate
Jane Taylor 01223 (3)36600 Receptionist - part time
Dr Nigel Taylor Visitor
Teaching Office 01223 (7)69017 or 01223 (3)36647
Dr Eleanor Tew 01223 (7)69018 Visitor
Nicola Thomas 01223 (3)36600 Tea Room Assistant
Jack Thorley 01223 (3)36673 Visitor
Dr Ann Thornton Conservation Biology Co-ordinator
Dr Vinicus Tonetti Visitor
Dr Rosie Trevelyan 01223 (7)63436 Director
Dr Angela Trowsdale 01223 (3)34475 or (3)34449 Senior Research Technician
Dr Sina Tureli 01223 (3)34872 Research Associate
Stuart Turner 01223 (3)36650 Museum Receptionist
Dr Edgar Turner 01223 (7)69353 Associate Professor, Curator of Insects in Museum of Zoology
Sam Turner PhD Student
Eirlys Tysall PhD Student
Eva van Der Heijden PhD Student
Dr Lalanti Venkatasubramanian 01223 (7)68910 HFSP Long-term Fellow
Dr Divya Venkatesh 01223 (7)63434 Research Associate
James Vereycken PhD Student
Dr Juliet Vickery Honorary Research Fellow, Chief Executive, British Trust for Ornithology
Roz Wade 01223 (7)69355 Education and Outreach Officer
Anthony Waldron Visitor
Jonah Walker PhD student
Dr Kevin Wallace 01223 (7)65393 Tropical Biology Association Course Co-ordinator
Claire Wallace, Visitor
Rowana Walton Research Assistant
Rebecca Wang MPhil Student
Dr Kun Wang Visitor
Yucheng Wang Research Associate
Dr Ian Warren 01223 (7)69019 Senior Research Technician
Dr Matt Wayland 01223 (7)69282 Imaging Facility Manager
Sophie Wei Postgraduate Student
Dr Tim Weil 01223(7)65391 Deputy Head of School - Undergraduate Strategy , Associate Professor
Whale Hall 01223 (7)65406
Tom White Graduate Student
Daniel White 01223 (3)36634 or 07824 835151 Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician
Paul Whitelaw PhD student
Elise Wilby Graduate Student
Dr Matthew Wilkinson Teaching Associate
Dr Samuel Wilks 01223 (3)34872 Research Associate
Dr David Willer +44 (0) 7507 723137 Henslow Research Fellow
Professor Eske Willerslev 01223 (3)36668 Prince Philip Professor of Ecology & Evolution, Department of Zoology, Director/ Professor, Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Associated researcher, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK.
Willerslev Group Office 01223 (3)65407
Lucy Williamson 01223 (7)65410 Museum Volunteer Coordinator
Kate Willott 01223 (7)60832 Conservation Evidence Research Assistant/Administrator
Dr Michael Winding 01223 (7)68910 Research Associate
Keira Wingader MPhil Student
Benjamin Wood PhD Student
Dr Thomas Worthington Research Associate
Zhe Xue PhD Student
Dr Hiromi Yamashita Visitor
Yijie Yin Research Assistant
Dr Jennifer York 01223 336682 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellow (Global)
Lisa York 07824 835175 Cleaner
Jacek Zalewski 01223 (3)36634 or 07824 835158 Chief Teaching Laboratory Technician
Dr Marta Zlatic 01223 (7)68910 Principal Research Associate