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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Griffin Badalamente Research Assistant
Professor Andrew Balmford FRS 01223 (3)31770 Professor of Conservation Science
Louise Balshaw 07903885491 Departmental Administrator
Professor Richard SK Barnes FRSSAf Research Fellow, Hon Research Professor, Rhodes University, Hon Associate Professor, and Member of the Centre for Marine Science, University of Queensland
Nigel Barnett 01223 (3)36656 or 07917 535751 Senior Maintenance Assistant
William Barrie Postgraduate Student
Harriet Bartlett PhD Student
Professor Michael Bate FRS Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
Dr Howard Baylis 01223 (3)36630 (Research) or (3)36601 (HoD), Head of Department, Reader in Cell Signalling Biology
Robert Beale 01223 (3)34416 Laboratory Support Technician
Simon Beeton 01223 (3)36646 or 07824 835172 Accounts/Purchasing Chief Clerk
Dr Elia Benito-Gutiérrez 01223 (7)63895 or (3)36663 or (7)65408 Senior Research Associate - Group Leader
Deliveries Benito-Gutierrez/Simpson
Dr Leon Bennun Visitor
Caroline Benson Hall 01223 (3)36650 Museum Receptionist (Part-time)
Adam Bent 01223 (3)32767 Technician
Lily Bentley PhD Student
Dr Matthew A. Benton 01223 (7)69012, Visitor, Research Fellow
Iris Berger PhD Student
Dr Andrew Bladon 01223 (7)65409 01223 (7)69468 Research Associate
Eleanor Bladon 01223 (3)31861 PhD Candidate
Rachel Blow Graduate Student
Dr Richard Bradbury Honorary Research Fellow, Head of People Conservation Science, RSPB Centre for Conservation Science
Professor Paul Brakefield FRS 01223 (3)36612 or (3)36623 Professor of Zoology (Emeritus)
Patrick Brechka 01223 (7)68916 PhD Student
Joshua I. Brian 07444 563 700 PhD Student
Dr Michael Brooke 01223 (3)36610 Strickland Curator of Ornithology, University Museum of Zoology
Paul Stephen Brooks 01223 (3)34475 or (3)34449 Research Associate
Professor Neil Burgess Honorary Research Fellow, Head of Science at UNEP-WCMC,, Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Copenhagen
Professor Malcolm Burrows FRS 01223 (3)36628 Emeritus Professor
Dr Stuart Butchart Honorary Research Fellow, Chief Scientist, Birdlife International