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Department of Zoology


Zoology Departmental Seminar Series

The Zoology Departmental Seminar Series are run weekly and the Talks cover recent research on a wide variety of topics from evolutionary genetics through behavioural ecology to ecology and natural history. Part II undergraduate zoologists are encouraged to attend.

The organisers are Euan Furness, Sam Matchette, Gabriel Jamie. 

Location: Part II Lecture, Department of Zoology

Time: 4-5pm 

List of Seminars at


Date Speaker Title of Talk                                                  
17 October                                Martin How, University of Bristol, UK.                                                                               Evolution of neurons and neuropeptides in early animal lineages                           

24 October

Maria Sachkova; University of Bristol, UK.                                                   To be confirmed                                                                               
7 November Gabriel Bever; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA. Evolution of sensory-driven behaviours in blind cavefish
14 November Sylvie Retaux; NeuroPSI, France. To be confirmed
21 November Karin Kjernsmo; University of Bristol, UK. To be confirmed
28 November Michael Bok; Lund University, Sweden Novel ecoinformatic approaches to help monitor and solve the biodiversity crisis


Date Speaker Title of Talk                                                  
23 January                             Joe Millard; Natural History Museum, UK. To be confirmed                     

30 January

Stephanie King; University of Bristol, UK. To be confirmed                                                                               
6 February Kristin Tessmar-Raible; Max Perutz Labs, Austria. To be confirmed
13 February Armand Leroi; Imperial College London, UK. To be confirmed
20 February  Cynthia Tedore; University of Hamburg, Germany To be confirmed
27 February Alison Wright, University of Sheffield To be confirmed
5 March  Speaker to be confirmed To be confirmed