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Read more at: ZSL Thomas Henry Huxley Award and Marsh Prize Winner

ZSL Thomas Henry Huxley Award and Marsh Prize Winner

13 June 2019

The Department is delighted to send its congratulations to Dr Erasmus zu Ermgassen whose PhD thesis ‘ Strategies for sustainable livestock production in Brazil and the European Community ' has won this year's Thomas Henry Huxley Award and Marsh Prize , given jointly by the Zoological Society of London and the Marsh...

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UK Parliament Select Committee comes to town

11 June 2019

The Environmental Audit Committee met in St Catharine’s College Cambridge yesterday (11th June 2019) to take evidence on the threat to the UK and UK Overseas Territories from invasive species. The committee, chaired by Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield, questioned leading experts in this field on the best ways to manage or...

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Sydney Brenner, 1927-2019

15 May 2019

Sydney Brenner, the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner died last month. He was a colleague and friend of several members of the Department. In 1969 Dr Peter Lawrence , MRC Emeritus Scientist now based here in the Department, was recruited by Brenner and Francis Crick and he worked with them for many years...

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Evolution as Inspiration - Summer art exhibition at the Museum of Zoology

13 May 2019

An exhibition of artworks by one of the world’s leading naturalists – Jonathan Kingdon – is set to open at the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, on 17th May, and will run until 15th September. Kingdon was born in Tanzania in 1935 and lived and worked in East Africa for many years. As well as being one of the world’s...

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Read more at: Research reveals surprisingly powerful bite of tiny early tetrapod

Research reveals surprisingly powerful bite of tiny early tetrapod

13 May 2019

Micro-CT scanning of a tiny snake-like fossil discovered in Scotland has shed new light on the elusive creature, thought to be one of the earliest known tetrapods to develop teeth that allowed it to crush its prey. Detailed scans of Acherontiscus caledoniae showed a unique combination of different tooth shapes and sizes as...

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Testing the role of trait reversal in evolutionary diversification using song loss in wild crickets

1 May 2019

Bursts of rapid evolutionary diversification are widely observed, but their underlying causes are controversial. Nathan Bailey, University of St Andrews, Sonia Pascoal , Department of Zoology and Fernando Montealegre-Z, University of Lincoln, tested whether secondary loss of sexual traits could play a role in rapid...

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Read more at: Student Conference for Conservation Science celebrates its 20th Birthday in style

Student Conference for Conservation Science celebrates its 20th Birthday in style

28 March 2019

"How do you think we can stay optimistic in our research when faced with so many bad news and events happening in recent years?" Inês Maria Simões Silva from Portugal asked Sir David Attenborough, he replied: "We must be optimistic - we don't have an option, we have to point out successes, and show that we are happier...

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Read more at: Departmental Seminar Day 2019

Departmental Seminar Day 2019

26 March 2019

This year’s Departmental Seminar Day saw the department come together for its annual gathering to showcase its research on 22nd March 2019. Short talks were given from across the broad range of subjects currently researched in the department. The talks provide an opportunity for researchers, from all levels, to highlight...

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Department Administrator Vacancy

13 March 2019

After 15 years as Department Administrator in Zoology Julian Jacobs has decided now is the right time to move on to something new. Julian writes "In this time I have had the good fortune to work in partnership with three supportive HoDs. I treasure the atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality that characterizes Zoology...

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Read more at: The magnificent glow of fly testes

The magnificent glow of fly testes

4 February 2019

γ-Tubulin Ring Complex Heterogeneity Revealed by Analysis of Mozart1 Regulating the formation of new microtubules in both space and time is critical for a wide variety of cell processes and is mediated in part by the recruitment of γ-tubulin ring complexes (γ-TuRCs) to specific microtubule organising centres (MTOCs). This...

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