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Department of Zoology


Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) is a flexible course in which students undertake a major subject and a minor subject. More information on the BBS course is available on their website:

Part II Zoology is available as a major subject, and various Zoology modules are now available as a minor subject, so it is possible to take BBS entirely within Zoology. Part II BBS Zoology (major) course comprises:

Zoology Lecture Modules 

BBS Zoology Major students take two Zoology modules in Michaelmas term and two in Lent term, the same as project students. Please refer to the Part II Zoology webpages for further information about modules and which combinations are possible.

BBS minor 

In addition to the BBS major Zoology modules, students choose a minor course from a large selection available across different departments, see permissible subject combinations on the BBS website. The following Zoology modules are now available as a minor subject:

Where Zoology shares/borrows a module, they may be offered as a minor but please check with the host department.


Students write a 6,000 word account of a topic or question that lies broadly within the field of either the major or minor subject.

Special Seminars

In addition to these formal parts of the course, there are a number of Special Seminars on a range of topics such as careers advice and how to give a write a dissertation. 

Facilities and Contacts

Part II BBS Zoology students are treated as full members of the Department, which is unusually large and diverse. There is a tradition of easy and informal access to members of the teaching staff and others, with whom students share the Tea Room and other facilities and activities. The friendliness of the Department is often one of the first things a student will mention about the course.

Part II students have full use of the excellent and comprehensive facilities provided by the Zoology Library, including workstations. There is also a dedicated Part II Common Room.

Professor Walter Federle is the current Part II Zoology and BBS Zoology course organiser and can be contacted about academic issues.

Francesca AnthonyTeaching Office Coordinator, organises many practical aspects of the course. She is available to give you advice and information on any aspect of the course, and to deal with any day-to-day problems that may arise during the year. You should feel free to contact her as your first port of call when you have any questions or difficulties connected with the Zoology course.. You can contact her via the Teaching Office at

 is the librarian and can help with any matters related to the library or online access to journals/books.


All BBS candidates submit a 6,000 word dissertation. BBS Zoology major students take four written 3 hour examination papers, one per module: on each of these four papers candidates answer three questions. Students are also assessed in their minor subject. For those taking a Zoology module as their minor subject, this assessment is a written 3 hour examination paper on which candidates answer three questions.