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Department of Zoology

Skate dyed blue

Transform our ability to support our zoologists by encouraging innovation in this fast-changing subject

The Department is home to a thriving community of scientists who share a deep interest in how animals develop, function, interact and evolve. 

This Fund will

  • support innovative projects, where existing resources fall short
  • provide flexible and agile support in fast-moving situations

Grants will be made from the Fund in response to applications made by members of the Department of Zoology.

How you can help

£500 will make a significant contribution towards the costs of zoologists wishing to publish their work in the best open-access journals 
£750 will provide support towards the travel costs of a Postdoctoral Associate or PhD student carrying out fieldwork, visiting laboratories or attending a conference
£750 will enable a zoologist to develop an aspect of their research as an outreach programme, for example in collaboration with our Museum of Zoology 
£1,000 will support a graduate student for one month to extend or complete an exceptionally promising piece of research 
£5,000 will help a zoologist to develop a novel, exploratory project, perhaps in association with matched funding, which could then become a full-scale research application

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