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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Roz Wade 01223 (7)69355 Education and Outreach Officer
Dr Catherine Waite Research Associate
Jonah Walker, PhD student
Megan Walker MPhil Seafood for Societal Health
Dr Kevin Wallace 01223 (7)65393 Tropical Biology Association Course Co-ordinator
Claire Wallace, Research Assistant
Siming Wang MPhil Student
Yucheng Wang Research Associate
Dr Yuqi Wang Research Associate
Dr Kun Wang Visitor
Dr Ian Warren 01223 (7)69019 Senior Research Technician
Dr Matt Wayland 01223 (7)69282 Imaging Facility Manager
Prof Tim Weil 01223(7)65391 Deputy Head of School - Undergraduate Strategy , Professor of Developmental Biology
Emily Wenban-Smith PhD Student
Whale Hall 01223 (7)65406
Daniel White 01223 (3)36634 or 07824 835151 Chief Teaching Laboratory Technician
Paul Whitelaw PhD student
Connie Whiting PhD Student
Holly Whittome Research Assistant
Dr Elise Wilby Research Associate
Dr Matthew Wilkinson 01223 (3)34471 Teaching Associate
Dr Samuel Wilks 01223 (3)34872 Visitor
Dr David Willer +44 (0) 7507 723137 Henslow Research Fellow
Prof Eske Willerslev 01223 (3)36668 Prince Philip Professor of Ecology & Evolution, Department of Zoology, Director/ Professor, Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Associated researcher, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK.
Willerslev Group Office 01223 (3)65407
Abigail Williams Research Assistant, Conservation Science Group
Lucy Williamson 01223 (7)65410 Museum Volunteer Coordinator
Kate Willott 01223 (7)60832 Conservation Evidence Research Administrator
Heather Wilson Assistant Conservator
Dr Thomas Worthington Research Associate
Kaiyue Wu Postgraduate Student