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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Peter Hague Visitor
Nigel Hall 01223 (3)36607 or 07824 835156 Senior Insect & Aquatic Cultures Technician
Jack Hargrave Postgraduate Student
Martina Harianja 01223 (7)68919 PhD student
Patricia Harnett 01223 (3)30110 Marketing and Communications Assistant (part-time)
Matthew Hayes PhD Student
Peng He Research Associate
Prof Jason J. Head +44 (0)1223 (7)65387 Professor of Vertebrate Evolution and Ecology, Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, University Museum of Zoology, Director of Postgraduate Education, Chair, Cambridge Biotomography Centre
Olivia Healey PhD Student
Laura Hebberecht Lopez PhD Student
Prof Berthold Hedwig 01223 (3)36603 or (3)31767 (Lab) Professor of Neurobiology
Harry Hellmers 07513 828618 Scientific Support Coordinator
Ella Henry Postgraduate Student
Dr Ivana Henry Visitor
Dr James Herbert-Read 01223 (7)68946 Whitten Lecturer in Marine Biology, Associate Professor
Annika Herdtle Postgraduate Student
Aaron Hickey PhD Student
Emily Hillan MPhil Student
Mark Hodgson 01223 (3)36600 or 07824 835157 Cleaner
Dr Jason Hodgson Research Associate
Zoe Holland 01223 (3)36600 Cleaner
Roxy Holmes PhD Student
Broderick House PhD Student
Dr Tom Houslay Research Associate
Alexandra Howard 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Kate Howlett 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Tianhui Hu Postgraduate Student
Nan Hu 01223 (3)36640 / 01223 (7)68910 Research Assistant