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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Katie Sainsbury Research Associate
Patricio Salazar 01223 (7)69022 Visitor
Dr Emília Santos 01223 (7)67129 NERC Independent Research Fellow
Dr James Savage Research Associate
Dr. Philipp Schlegel 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Annika Schlemm, Graduate Student
Dr Anna Schoenauer 01223 (3)31768 or (7)69012 Research Associate
Tarryn Schuldiner-Harpaz Visitor
Eva Margarete Schulenberg Visitor
Michael Schwimmer 01223 (3)36663 MPhil Student
Laia Serratosa 01223 (3)34455 Research Assistant
Dr Gorm Shackelford Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Monika Siekelova 01223 (7)69277 PhD student
Felipe Lorenz Simoes (0)1223 221400 PhD Student
Piotr Sitnik 01223 (7)47300 Cleaner at Madingley
Professor Helen Skaer 01223 (7)63189 Emeritus Professor of Developmental Biology
Dr Victoria A. Sleight Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jack Marcus Smith PhD Student
Nathan Smith 01223 (3)36677 PhD Student
Professor Derek Smith 01223 (3)34872 or (3)30933 Professor of Infectious Disease Informatics, Director of Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Dr Rebecca K. Smith 01223 (7)60832 Senior Research Associate, Conservation Science Group.
Keturah Smithson 01223 (7)65405 Research Assistant, CT Scan Technician
Dr Timothy Smithson 01223 (3)36649 Visitor
Lisa Sneath 01223 (7)65416 PT Museum Administrator
Daniel Sobrido Camean 01223 (3)36683 Visitor
Gian Luigi Somma 01223 (7)67129 Visitor
Dr Julia Liv Yvonne Spaet +44 (0) 7936 771820 Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Mark Spalding Honorary Research Fellow, Senior Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Chief Science Advisor, Government of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Professor Tim Sparks 01223 (3)36666 Visitor
Dr Claire Spottiswoode 01223 (7)68946 BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow and Hans Gadow Lecturer, Principal Research Associate
Rachel Spring 01223 (7)62773 Administrative Assistant - Teaching and Graduate Office
Ildikó Stark Research Assistant
Russell Stebbings 01223 (7)68915 Chief Technician (Invertebrates Collections & Archives)
Sara Steele 01223 (7)68918 Museum Education Assistant
Dr Joan Stevenson-Hinde 01223 (7)47312 Emeritus Senior Research Fellow, Emeritus Fellow of Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall)
Jake Stone 01223 (7)68919 PhD Student
Syuan-Jyun Sun 01223 (3)34466 PhD Student
Professor William Sutherland 01223 (3)36686 Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
Alison Sutherland 01223 (7)65407 PhD Student
Chris Swannack 01223 (3)31861 Research technician