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Department of Zoology


Ecologist and conservation scientist focussed on understanding how species and ecological communities respond to anthropogenic pressures, including deforestation, farming practices, climate change, and urbanisation. I primarily work with birds and arthropods and aim to provide biodiversity conservation solutions. My current role is as a Research Associate within the Agroecology Research Group and the Centre for Landscape Regeneration, where I am researching biodiversity responses to regenerative land management techniques in three iconic UK landscapes.

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2022-present: Research Associate in Landscape Regeneration, University of Cambridge

2022-2022: Research Associate in Conservation Biology, Rocky Mountain Research Station Albuquerque

2020-2021: Research Associate in Conservation Biology, Manchester Metropolitan University

2018: PhD Ecology, University of Edinburgh

2013: MSc Evolutionary Ecology, University of Exeter

2012: BSc Zoology, University of Exeter


Key publications: 

JD Shutt, SC Bell, F Bell, J Castello, M El Harouchi, MD Burgess (2022). Territory-level temperature influences breeding phenology and reproductive output in three forest passerine birds. Oikos e09171

JD Shutt, AC Lees (2021). Killing with kindness: does widespread generalised provisioning of wildlife help or hinder biodiversity conservation efforts? Biological Conservation 261(9): 109295.

JD Shutt, UH Trivedi, JA Nicholls (2021). Faecal metabarcoding reveals pervasive long-distance impacts of garden bird feeding. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1951), 20210480.

JD Shutt, JA Nicholls, UH Trivedi, MD Burgess, GN Stone, JD Hadfield, AB Phillimore (2020). Gradients in richness and turnover of a forest passerine’s diet prior to breeding: a mixed model approach applied to faecal metabarcoding data. Molecular Ecology 29(6):1199-1213.

JD Shutt, MD Burgess, AB Phillimore (2019). A spatial perspective on the phenological distribution of the spring woodland caterpillar peak. The American Naturalist 194(5): E109-121.

JD Shutt, IB Cabello, K Keogan, DI Leech, JM Samplonius, L Whittle, MD Burgess, AB Phillimore (2019). The environmental predictors of spatiotemporal variation in the breeding phenology of a passerine bird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286(1908): 20190952.

JD Shutt, M Bolton, IB Cabello, MD Burgess, AB Phillimore (2018). The effects of woodland habitat and biogeography on blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) territory occupancy and productivity along a 220km transect. Ecography 41(12): 1967-1978.

Other publications: 

RK Broughton, JD Shutt, AC Lees (2022). Rethinking bird feeding: are we putting extra pressure on some struggling woodland birds? British Birds 115(1): 2-6.

A Belanger, A Wright, C Gomez, JD Shutt, K Chota, R Bodmer (2022). River dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis) in the Peruvian Amazon: habitat preferences and feeding behavior. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals 17(1): 2-9.

DJ der Weduwen, K Keogan, JM Samplonius, AB Phillimore, JD Shutt (2021). The correlates of intraspecific variation in nest height in the blue tit. Journal of Avian Biology 52(3): E02528.

JD Shutt (2018). Expanding a classic woodland food chain into a geographically variable food web. PhD thesis, The University of Edinburgh.

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