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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Jane Acred 01223 (3)36648 Senior Library Assistant
Professor Michael Akam FRS 01223 (3)30114 1866 Professor of Zoology (Emeritus)
Professor David Aldridge 01223 (3)34436 or (3)31769, College Professor in Zoology, Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology
Dr Rosamunde Almond, Visitor
Professor William Amos 01223 (3)36616 or (3)36677 Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
Facility Room Amphioxus 01223 (7)65408
Francesca Anthony Teaching Administrator
Jack Ashby 01223 (7)61344 Assistant Director - Museum of Zoology
Esme Ashe-Jepson PhD student
Dr Robert Asher 01223 (3)36680 Senior Lecturer and Curator, University Museum of Zoology
Mairenn Attwood PhD Student
Rachel Aucott 01223 (3)34451 Website and Communications Coordinator (part-time)