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Department of Zoology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Caroline C. G. Fabre 01223 (3)36622 Visitor
Aramish Fatima Postgraduate Student
Professor Walter Federle 01223 (7)63435 Professor of Comparative Biomechanics
Dr Daniel J. Field Strickland Curator of Ornithology, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Palaeobiology, Fellow, Christ's College Cambridge
Dr John Flowerdew 01223 (3)36609 Research Fellow
Dr William Foster 01223 (3)36615 Director of Alumni Relations, Senior Lecturer and Curator of Insects (Emeritus)
Alexandra Fragniere 01223 (3)34455 Research Associate
Emma Francis 01223 (3)36656 or 07824 835175 Deputy Facilities Manager
Dr Adrian Friday 01223 (3)36671 Research Fellow
Monica Frisch 01223 (3)36619 Office Manager for Tropical Biology Association