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Department of Zoology



Small mammal ecology, particularly the interactions of environmental variables with population dynamics.


Key publications: 
  • Johnson, I.P., Flowerdew, J.R. & Hare, R. (1992) Populations and diet of small rodents and shrews in relation to pesticide usage.  Chapter 12, pp144-146 in: Pesticides, Cereal Farming and the Environment. The Boxworth Project.  Edited by Greig-Smith, P., Frampton, G. % Hardy, T. HMSO, London.
  • Mice and Voles (1993) Whittet Books, London, 128pp.
  • Flowerdew, J.R,. & Ellwood, S.A. (2001) Impacts of woodland deer on small mammal ecology.  Forestry 74, 277-287.
  • Flowerdew, J.R., Shore, R.F., Poulton, S.M.C. & Sparks, T. (2004) Live trapping to monitor small mammals in Britain. Mammal Review 34,31-50.
  • Flowerdew J.R., Amano, T. & Sutherland, W.J. (2017) Strong "bottom-up" influences on small mammal populations: State-space model analyses from long-term studies. Ecol Evol. 12;7(6):1699-1711. doi: 10.1002/ece3.2725.  


Other publications: 
  • Flowerdew, J.R., Gurnell, J. & Gipps, J.H.W., eds. (1985) The Ecology of Woodland Rodents; Bank Voles and Wood Mice.  Symposia of the Zoological Society of London No 55. Oxford University Press, Oxford. XV + 41p pp
  • Mallorie, H.C & Flowerdew, J.R. (1994) Woodland small mammal population ecology in Britain: a preliminary review of the Mammal Society survey of Wood Mice Apodemus sylvaticus Bank voles Clethrionomys glareolus, 1982-87.  Mammal Review 24,1-15
  • Flowerdew, J.R. (2004) Advances in the conservation of British mammals. 1954-2004: 50 years of progress with the Mammal Society (Nineteenth Cranbrook Memorial lecture delivered at the 50th Easter Conference and AGM of the Mammal Society, April 2004). Mammal Review 34, 169-210.
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