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Dr John Flowerdew BSc, MA, D.Phil

Dr John Flowerdew, BSc, MA, D.Phil

Research Fellow

Austin Building, Room S4
Office Phone: 01223 (3)36609


BSc Zoology 1967, University of Swansea (Wales)

DPhil Zoology 1971, University of Oxford

MA 1972, University of Cambridge

University Lecturer 1977-2006

Awarded the Mammal Society's Silver Medal 1986 for services to the Society and to mammalogy

Research Interests

Small mammal ecology, particularly the interactions of environmental variables with population dynamics.

Key Publications

  • Johnson, I.P., Flowerdew, J.R. & Hare, R. (1992) Populations and diet of small rodents and shrews in relation to pesticide usage.  Chapter 12, pp144-146 in: Pesticides, Cereal Farming and the Environment. The Boxworth Project.  Edited by Greig-Smith, P., Frampton, G. % Hardy, T. HMSO, London.
  • Mice and Voles (1993) Whittet Books, London, 128pp.
  • Flowerdew, J.R,. & Ellwood, S.A. (2001) Impacts of woodland deer on small mammal ecology.  Forestry 74, 277-287.
  • Flowerdew, J.R., Shore, R.F., Poulton, S.M.C. & Sparks, T. (2004) Live trapping to monitor small mammals in Britain. Mammal Review 34,31-50.

Other Publications

  • Flowerdew, J.R., Gurnell, J. & Gipps, J.H.W., eds. (1985) The Ecology of Woodland Rodents; Bank Voles and Wood Mice.  Symposia of the Zoological Society of London No 55. Oxford University Press, Oxford. XV + 41p pp
  • Mallorie, H.C & Flowerdew, J.R. (1994) Woodland small mammal population ecology in Britain: a preliminary review of the Mammal Society survey of Wood Mice Apodemus sylvaticus Bank voles Clethrionomys glareolus, 1982-87.  Mammal Review 24,1-15
  • Flowerdew, J.R. (2004) Advances in the conservation of British mammals. 1954-2004: 50 years of progress with the Mammal Society (Nineteenth Cranbrook Memorial lecture delivered at the 50th Easter Conference and AGM of the Mammal Society, April 2004). Mammal Review 34, 169-210.