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Key publications: 

Wayland MT§, Landgraf M (2018) A Cartesian coordinate robot for dispensing fruit fly food. Journal of Open Hardware, 2: 3.

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Other publications: 

Zhao TY, Yang RJ, Lü L, Ru SS, Wayland MT, Chen HX, Li YH, Li L. (2023) Phylomitogenomic Analyses Provided Further Evidence for the Resurrection of the Family Pseudoacanthocephalidae (Acanthocephala: Echinorhynchida). Animals (Basel), 13(7):1256

Sankaranarayanan M, Emenecker RJ, Wilby EL, Jahnel M, Trussina IREA, Wayland M, Alberti S, Holehouse AS, Weil TT (2021) Adaptable P body physical states differentially regulate bicoid mRNA storage during early Drosophila development. Developmental Cell, 56, 2886-2901.e6.

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