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Department of Zoology



I'm broadly interested in how evolutionary biology can explain the diversity of Life around us, with a paraticular interest in sensory ecology and speciation. With Joana Meier, I am currently studying the evolution of animal signals and the role of hybridisation during rapid speciation, focussing primarily on two spectacular radiations: tropical Ithomiine butterflies and Australian peacock spiders.

With Claire Spottiswoode, I am also studying the effect of interactions between brood parasitism and climate on egg signature evolution in Zambian Prinia warblers. And with Andrew Tanentzap, I am investigating how predictable the evolutionary responses of Daphnia populations are to invasive predator introduction in Canadian lakes.

I previously studied Zoology and Plant Sciences here in Cambridge, and I've been very fortunate to work on a great diversity of systems. I've also worked on stickleback collective behaviour, Heliconius signal evolution, and Podarcis lizard hybridisation in Switzerland.

I'm funded by the Herchel Smith endowment to Cambridge and Harvard.


Key publications: