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Department of Zoology



I graduated from Cambridge in 2020, having been a Part II student in Zoology specialising in evolutionary biology. I am now spending a year working on research projects before I begin a postgraduate degree.

Currently, I am using CRISPR to target pheromone synthesis genes in Heliconius butterflies, and am also investigating the genomic resources of peacock spiders. I have previously worked on research projects in Canada (investigating the evolution of Daphnia populations in response to invasion by a predator species), Panama (investigating the role of the cortex gene in butterfly wing-pattern development), and in Cambridge (in both Zoology and Plant Sciences).

I have supervised undergraduates on the ZM5 course and the IB Evolution & Animal Diversity (EAD) course. I am accepting students for the ZL3 and ZL5 modules, both of which I took myself!

Visitor (Research Assistant)

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F104, Department of Zoology