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My academic background is in ecology and conservation. Joining the Conservation Science Group in 2015, my PhD explored ecosystem service delivery in forestry, supervised by Professor Bill Sutherland. Following my PhD, I joined Forestry England, managing the Forest Resilience Programme in the East District before moving into the National Operations team. I am now the Head of Forest Planning, providing leadership and strategic oversight on forest planning, forest resilience and natural capital across the nation's forests. I am still engaged in research and sit on the UK government's Expert Committee for Forest Science. I am an Academic Visitor to the Conservation Science Group.


I am interested in how ecological understanding and evidence can inform effective and pragmatic managment decisions to maximise the value of our landscapes, for both nature and people. My PhD focused on the practicality of using the natural capital approach to guide land-use decisions and deliver biodiversity gains. I collaborated with Forestry England, using Thetford Forest and the Brecks to study ecosystem service trade-offs and optimality at a scale relevant to land management decisions. My work now focuses on the practical application of science to transform day-to-day decisions. My research interests include ecosystem management, functional ecology and environmental economics.


Key publications: 

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Other publications: 

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