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Department of Zoology

Thomas Ball
Research Associate
Professor of Conservation Science
01223 (3)31770
Honorary Research Fellow
Head of People Conservation Science, RSPB Centre for Conservation Science
Honorary Research Fellow
Head of Science at UNEP-WCMC,
Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Copenhagen
Honorary Research Fellow
Chief Scientist, Birdlife International
Henslow Research Fellow, Downing College, Cambridge
Research Associate
01223 (3)36670
Honorary Professor of Conservation Science
01223 (7)62840
Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Research Fellow
Director of Science, British Trust for Ornithology,
BTO Office, David Attenborough Building
Senior Research Associate
Senior Accounts/Purchasing Clerk
01223 (3)36646
Senior Research Associate, Conservation Science Group.
01223 (7)60832
Honorary Research Fellow
Senior Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
Chief Science Advisor, Government of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
01223 (3)36686
Nicola Swan
Conservation Science Group - Conference Administrator
01223 (7)69018
Ann Thornton
Conservation Biology Co-ordinator
Honorary Research Fellow
Chief Executive, British Trust for Ornithology
Graduate Student
Conservation Evidence Research Assistant/Administrator
01223 (7)60832