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Department of Zoology



Growing up in a rural town in the deltaic plains of Bangladesh, I watched the natural environment vanishing in front of my eyes to meet the demands of a growing population and natural disasters. Responding to the growing need for conservation and my passion for wildlife, I have been working in research, conservation and behavioral ecology of globally threatened species in Asia for the past 12 years, focusing on threatened coastal and riverine birds. An undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and MPhil degree from the University of Cambridge have complimented my career, helping me to further understand the complex conservation problems that migratory birds face and to find science-based solutions through rigorous research.


I am a conservation biologist with interests in the ecology and conservation of threatened species in Asia, and in applied issues of understanding and mitigating the impact of ecological changes on biodiversity, especially in a densely populated country like Bangladesh. The intertidal mudflats of Asia are key habitats, supporting more than 50 million migratory birds, including 33 globally threatened species. My work is primarily focused on migratory shorebirds of the East Asian–Australasian Flyway, and developing tools for managing coastal habitats and identifying mitigation measures in response to climate change. My PhD will focus on understanding the habitat requirements of these shorebirds in the coastal areas of Bangladesh and the multiple factors driving their population decline such as intense human pressure and climate change. My work aims to identify the most effective long-term conservation measures for these species, ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.


Key publications: 


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Research supervision: 

Professor Andrew Balmford and Professor Rhys Green