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Department of Zoology


Research in the Conservation Science Group centres around two broad questions:

  • What are the key threats to wild nature?
  • What are the most promising actions for reversing its decline?

We address these questions by tackling a wide range of issues.

Current research topics include:

  • Reconciling biodiversity conservation and farming;
  • Improving conservation policy and practice through evidence-based decision-making;
  • Understanding the functioning of networks in ecological systems;
  • Improving conservation planning, such as identifying priorities for UK forestry or global mangroves;
  • Understanding drivers of change in global waterbirds;
  • Investigating the impacts of veterinary drugs and spent lead ammunition on bird populations;
  • Quantifying the costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation;
  • Testing the use of bioclimatic models for predicting changes in bird ranges and abundance.

Key Publications 

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Full publication list