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Department of Zoology



I obtained my PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, where I worked on the organisation and development of the Drosophila olfactory system with Dr. Liqun Luo. As a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. James W. Truman at the University of Washington, I began studies on the developmental plasticity of the mushroom body and the segment-specific sculpting of neuronal lineages in the ventral nervous system which were continued in my own laboratory at Bucknell University. Following a sabbatical in 2015 with Dr. Darren Williams at the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology (King's College London), I decided to take a leave of absence from Bucknell in order to join the Fly Connectomics team headed by my former Luo lab collaborator, Dr. Gregory Jefferis.

Research Associate

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Room 416 Austin Building
01223 (3)34455