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Department of Zoology

Our research group studies the ecology of insects in their natural habitats and the impacts of human-induced habitat change on insect biodiversity and communities.

We currently have several large-scale projects based in Southeast Asia that investigate ways that tropical agricultural ecosystems can be managed to benefit biodiversity, important ecosystem services such as pest control and decomposition, and to increase the long-term sustainability of tropical crops.

In the UK, members of our group work in collaboration with the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust to investigate the best management options for conserving threatened butterfly species on reserves.

Finally, other members of our group work on insect taxonomy and collection management, making use of the nationally-important collection of insects housed in the University Museum of Zoology. For example, we currently have a cataloguing project, documenting the long-term biodiversity impacts of habitat change in Cambridgeshire over the last 150 years.