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The Arup Building is renamed The David Attenborough Building

last modified Apr 22, 2015 10:14 AM

On Tuesday 21 April 2015 the Vice-Chancellor of the University announced that Sir David Attenborough has agreed to the University's request that the Arup Building should be renamed The David Attenborough Building.  

The David Attenborough Building will be home to the redesigned Museum of Zoology and to the academics and NGOs who make up the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI).  The building will embody the themes of biodiversity, conservation and public engagement.  Sir David has dedicated his life to these themes and he has numerous Cambridge connections.  He was an undergraduate student in Zoology (Clare College, 1945) and is a patron of several of the CCI organizations.

During a visit on 21 April, Sir David toured the building and spent time looking at some of the iconic specimens that will be housed in the Museum's state-of-the-art stores.  The redesign of the Museum has been greatly helped by a £2m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Museum's press release marking Sir David's visit and the renaming of the building can be read here.



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