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Dr Ben Phalan

Dr Ben Phalan

Zukerman Junior Research Fellow, King's College

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building

Research Group

Conservation Science Group:
Research Associate

Research Interests

My research is focused on how to reconcile human demands, especially those for food and other agricultural products, with the conservation of birds and other biodiversity. I am interested in understanding the consequences of different food production trajectories for biodiversity, and in evaluating potential conservation strategies. I address these questions through fieldwork, data syntheses and spatial analysis. Collaborations include work with BirdLife International, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Rainforest Alliance, the International Institute for Sustainability and the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. I am also interested more widely in ways of identifying and resolving trade-offs between conservation and development; in the ecology, conservation and restoration of tropical forests, especially in Brazil and West Africa; in the environmental and social consequences of biofuel development; in the role of sustainability standards in agriculture; and in defining conservation baselines and objectives.

I am also a Research Associate at Oregon State University in the USA, and an affiliated researcher at the International Institute for Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro.

Key Publications

Phalan, B., Green, R. and Balmford, A. (2014) Closing yield gaps: perils and possibilities for biodiversity conservation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369: 20120285 full PDF

Phalan, B., Bertzky, M., Butchart, S. H. M., Donald, P. F., Scharlemann, J. P. W., Stattersfield, A. J. and Balmford, A. (2013) Crop expansion and conservation priorities in tropical countries. PLoS ONE 8: e51759. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051759.

Phalan, B., Balmford, A. and Green, R. E. (2012) Agriculture as a key element for conservation: reasons for caution. Conservation Letters 5: 323-324. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-263X.2012.00248.x.

Phalan, B., Balmford, A., Green, R. E. and Scharlemann, J. P. W. (2011). Minimising the harm to biodiversity of producing more food globally. Food Policy 36: S62-S71. Postprint PDF from Foresight.

Other Publications

Dotta, G., Phalan, B., Silva, T.W., Green, R. and Balmford, A. (in press) Assessing strategies to reconcile agriculture and bird conservation in the temperate grasslands of South America. Conservation Biology. doi: 10.1111/cobi.12635

Kamp, J., Urazaliev, R., Balmford, A., Donald, P.F., Green, R.E., Lamb, A.J. and Phalan, B. (in press) Agricultural development and the conservation of avian biodiversity on the Eurasian steppes: a comparison of land-sparing and land-sharing approaches. Journal of Applied Ecology. doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12527

Lees, A.C., Phalan, B. & Balmford, A. (In press) The UK spending review and COP21. Nature Correspondence

Macchi, L., Grau, H. R. and Phalan, B. (in press) Agricultural production and bird conservation in complex landscapes of the dry Chaco. Journal of Land Use Science. doi: 10.1080/1747423X.2015.1057244

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Reports, articles, thesis

Phalan, B., Fishpool, L. D. C., Loqueh, E., Grimes, T., Molubah, F. P. and Garbo, M. (2013) Liberian Greenbul expedition 2013: final report. Report to African Bird Club and RSPB. Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Phalan, B. (2013) Biofuel crops: food security must come first. Opinion piece in The Guardian, Thursday 29 August.

Phalan, B. (2013) Nimba Western Area Iron Ore Concentrator Mining Project, Liberia. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Volume 4, Part 2: Zoological Impact Assessment. Report to URS for ArcelorMittal.

Phalan, B. (2009). Land use, food production, and the future of tropical forest species in Ghana. PhD dissertation, University of Cambridge and St. John’s College.