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Dr Julian Ng

Office Phone: 01223 (3)36681

Research Group

Neural Network Development Group:
Senior Research Associate


  • Neuroanatomy
  • Volume Imaging
  • Image Visualisation
  • Electon Microscopy
  • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
  • Drosophila genetics
  • Imaging technologies
  • Fluorescence Light microscopy
  • Probe development

Key Publications

  1. Kohl J, Ng J, Cachero S, Ciabatti, E, Dolan M-J, Sutcliffe B, Tozer, A, Ruehle, S, Krueger D, Frechter S, Branco, T, Tripodi, M, Jefferis GSXE. Ultra-fast tissue staining with chemical tags. (2014) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111 (36), E3805-3814.

Other Publications

  1. Rallis A, Lu B and Ng J. Molecular chaperones protect against JNK- and Nmnat-regulated axon degeneration in Drosophila. (2013) J. Cell Science Feb 1; 126, 838-49.

  2. J Ng. Wnt/PCP proteins regulate stereotyped axon branch extension in Drosophila. (2012) Development, Jan 1, 139, 165-177.

  1. Rallis A, Moore C and Ng J. Signal strength and signal duration define two distinct aspects of JNK-regulated axon stability. (2010) Developmental Biology, 339, 65-77.

  2. J Ng. TGFbeta signals regulate axonal development through distinct Smad-independent mechanisms. (2008) Development, Dec 15, 135, 4025-35.

  3. J Ng. and Luo L. Rho GTPases Regulate Axon Growth through Convergent and Divergent Signaling Pathways. (2004) Neuron 44(5): 779-793.

  4. Chihara T., Kato K., Taniguchi M., Ng J., Hayashi S. Rac promotes epithelial cell rearrangement during tracheal tubulogenesis in Drosophila (2003) Development, Apr 1, 130, 1419-1428.

  5. Hakeda-Suzuki S, Ng J, Tzu J, Dietzl G, Sun Y, Harms M, Nardine T, Luo L, Dickson BJ. Rac function and regulation during Drosophila development. (2002) Nature, Mar 28, 416(6879), 438-42.

  6. J Ng, Nardine T, Harms M, Tzu J, Goldstein A, Sun Y, Dietzl G, Dickson BJ, Luo L. Rac GTPases control axon growth, guidance and branching. (2002) Nature, Mar 28, 416(6879), 442-7.