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Dr Gorm Shackelford

Dr Gorm Shackelford

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building

Research Group

Conservation Science Group:
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests

I am interested in the management of multiple ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes (such as pest regulation, soil conservation, biodiversity conservation, and food production). I am investigating these ecosystem services through literature review, meta-analysis, and spatial analysis, with a focus on minimizing conservation conflicts and maximizing agricultural sustainability. At present, I am assessing the effectiveness of sustainable agricultural practices (such as cover cropping, reducing tillage, and hedgerow planting) in Mediterranean-type farmland, in collaboration with Conservation Evidence (Cambridge) and The Nature Conservancy (California).

Key Publications

Shackelford, G. E., Steward, P. R., German, R. N., Sait, S. M. and Benton, T. G. (2015), Conservation planning in agricultural landscapes: hotspots of conflict between agriculture and nature. Diversity and Distributions, 21: 357–367.


Shackelford, G., Steward, P. R., Benton, T. G., Kunin, W. E., Potts, S. G., Biesmeijer, J. C. and Sait, S. M. (2013), Comparison of pollinators and natural enemies: a meta-analysis of landscape and local effects on abundance and richness in crops. Biological Reviews, 88: 1002–1021.