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Pasi Rastas


I got my PhD from Computer Science from University of Helsinki in 2009 under supervision of Prof. Esko Ukkonen. Before starting in Cambridge in January 2015, I have been a post-doctoral researcher in the Metapopulation Research Group (now called Metapopulation Research Center) and in the Computer Science Department, both located in Helsinki, Finland.

Research Group

Butterfly Genetics Group:
Research associate

Research Interests

I am constructing linkage maps for Heliconius butterflies and using these maps to verify and refine genome assemblies.

Key Publications

V. Ahola et al, The Glanville fritillary genome retains an ancient karyotype and reveals selective chromosomal fusions in Lepidoptera., Nat Commun. 5;5:4737, 2014.

P. Rastas et al., Lep-MAP: fast and accurate linkage map construction for large SNP datasets., Bioinformatics. 15;29(24):3128-34, 2013