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Department of Zoology


An image taken in the imaging facility in the department by Barry Denholm in Helen Skaer’s group has been nominated as a finalist in the Genetics Society of America Annual Drosophila image competition.

The award is given in recognition of striking visual images that communicate important biological results relevant to Drosophila.

The image, originally published in Nature last year, illustrates the remarkable and unexpected similarities that exist between human and fruit fly kidneys.

Weavers H, Prieto-Sánchez S, Grawe F, Garcia-López A, Artero R, Wilsch-Bräuninger M, Ruiz-Gómez M, Skaer H, Denholm B. The insect nephrocyte is a podocyte-like cell with a filtration slit diaphragm. Nature 2009 15;457:322-6