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Department of Zoology


This year’s Departmental Seminar Day saw the department come together at St John’s College for its annual gathering to showcase its research on 4 July 2023.  Short talks were given from across the broad range of subjects currently researched in the department.  The talks provide an opportunity for researchers, from all levels, to highlight their work to the rest of the department. There were 11 slide presentations given by PhD students, PIs and postdocs, 15 minutes per talk.

There were 18 excellent poster presentations by PhD students and MPhil students covering a broad range of subjects.  The students were given the option to be part of the poster competition and so they were judged during two sessions (morning break and afternoon break). 

3rd place - Paul Whitelaw, ‘Living on the ice edge: Environmental and anthropogenic factors influencing the distribution and demography of Antarctic seabirds'

2nd place - Lizzie Pearmain, ‘Effects of age and status on foraging strategies of wandering albatrosses’

1st place - Roxanne Holmes, ‘Adult lionfish alter their activity in response to nocturnal laboratory playbacks of non-native healthy and degraded coral reef soundscapes’

This year’s Seminar day was expertly organised by Dr Michael Pashkevich and Dr Tomke Stuerner.