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Department of Zoology


At the start of term Dr Tim Weil, Senior Lecturer, was appointed as the Deputy Head of Department (Teaching).  Tim will have overarching responsibility for all matters to do with undergraduate teaching in the Department. 

Just before he began his new role he participated in a massive outreach event coordinated by the The Royal Society of Biology entitled "Ask a Biologist". Tim and several other university biologists delivered hands-on public engagement as part of an enormous event at the ExCeL London called the New Scientist Live. 

Tim spoke to many students, teachers, children and parents about how a single cell develops into an animal. He said "it was a great fun and ignited many enjoyable conversations." Tim's particular "Ask a Biologist" question was: How does a single cell develop into an animal?  The short answer to the question is shown in the video below.


Dr Tim Weil