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Department of Zoology


Professor Rhys Green has been awarded the Godman-Salvin Medal by the British Ornithologists Union (BOU), a rare honour as the medal has only been awarded 24 times in 90 years.

The medal is awarded to an individual as a signal of honour for distinguished ornithological work, in Rhys' case it celebrates his work studying the effects of development, farming and climate change on bird populations.  Rhys is an honorary Professor in the Department and a research scientist for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Steve Dudley from the BOU said: “We have awarded it to Rhys because of his longstanding work with the RSPB and in particular his studies with stone curlews. His work is fundamental, Rhys has contributed both in publishing the science and implementing the conservation action with the RSPB."