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Department of Zoology


This month’s special issue of Inside Science to mark the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society features Kalsum Mohd Yusah, from the Insect Ecology Group.

She is suspended on a rope 60 m above the ground in dipterocarp rainforest at Danum Valley, in Sabah, Malaysia. Note also in the right hand side of the photograph a Birds’ Nest Fern Asplenium nidus, which has been intensively studied by the group.

The Royal Society funds a Scientific programme (South East Asian Rainforest Research Programme (SEARRP)) which helps support Kalsum and other members of the group. The photograph at the top of the SEARRP research page shows two other members of the Insect Ecology group, Ed Turner and Jake Snaddon.

Kalsum can also be seen on the front page of the current royal society website the third image (immediately after Lord Rees).