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Department of Zoology


The winner of this year’s Janet Moore Prize for supervising in Zoology is Riva Riley.  Riva received her award from Dr Tim Weil, Deputy Head of Department (Teaching), at the annual Part II Zoology finalists' party.  

The prize is awarded on the basis of nominations from Zoology students and module organisers. One student commented "Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject are both wonderful!  The discussion we have in supervisions are always enjoyable, Riva really helps me to think about the lecture material from new perspectives and I think this has contributed greatly to how much I've got out of the course."

Her enthusiasm is obviously greatly appreciated as another student said "Superbly enthusiastic and initiates very thought provoking discussions.  Gives really helpful essay feedback and is generally very lovely :)"

Riva is a PhD student in the Evolutionary Ecology Group and is researching "Leadership and group structure in Cory catfish". She is the fourth winner of the Janet Moore Prize, which is awarded to non-UTO supervisors in Part II Zoology. 

Previous winners were:

2015       Emma Garnett and Rick Thompson

2016       Jenny York

2017       Benno Simmons

2018       Riva Riley