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Department of Zoology


As usual the department will be contributing to the annual Cambridge Science Festival.


Dr Irene Miguel Aliaga's lab will be showcasing the work of the four labs in the basement of the department. All sessions are now fully booked but there is an audio slide show available to see on the BBC Website:

Fruit flies - up close

Got a burning question about something zoological? Have a mystery animal object you want identifying? Explore the kingdom of animals at the Museum of Zoology. Meet live invertebrates and discover our fantastic collection from the tiniest flies to the majestic finback whale. Learn about the incredible intelligence of some animals, the amazing size of others, and about animals you might find in the UK. Hands on activities will be running throughout the day, and zoologists will be on hand to answer your creature questions.

This event is open to all. Admission is free and there is no need to book. Children must be accompanied at all events.

Cambridge Science Festival 2011