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Department of Zoology

girl standing in front of a red brick wall which has grafitti on saying "for women"

A new website created by 3 female postdocs shines a light on early career talent at the University of Cambridge and affiliated institutes.

The StepWide website launched last month aims to support female, including trans women, postdoctoral researchers, from any discipline, to showcase their expertise and grow their online presence. The website collects postdocs’ profiles, each including a short description of their background and current research, as well as contact options.

The website is the long-lasting output of the StepWide programme, set up by three female postdocs from Cambridge, Marta Costa (Department of Zoology, Drosophila Connectomics group), Laura Fachal (Wellcome Sanger Institute), and Cemre Ustunkaya (formerly at the McDonald Institute). The programme that ran from 2019-2021 encouraged postdocs to step beyond and challenge current ideas of what leadership entails. Marta, Laura, and Cemre put together the programme as a way to address the current gender gap at the University.


“We are delighted that the website has finally launched and I’m very excited to see how it will grow and contribute to raising postdocs’ profiles.” Marta says.

The website is still accepting profiles. If you would like to submit one follow this link.

Top photo Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

Smaller photo is of  Laura Fachal, Marta Costa, and Cemre Ustunkaya