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Department of Zoology


Jason Head has been appointed as a Lecturer and Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, in succession to Jenny Clack. Jason is a vertebrate palaeontologist and evolutionary morphologist who studies the anatomy of living and fossil reptiles in order to understand the relationship between regulatory gene systems and the evolution of body forms, as well as the historical relationship between ecology and climate change.


Eske Willerslev succeeds Tim Clutton-Brock as the new Prince Philip Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Eske is an evolutionary biologist known for his pioneering work on Ancient DNA. He is currently a professor at Copenhagen University and director of the Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics.


Marta Zlatic has been appointed as a Lecturer in Neuroscience. Marta studies the neural and genetic basis of behaviour, including sensory processing, decision making, and motor production in Drosophila larvae.