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Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Fund

Watercolour,  Miss K. Nix-Jones	1959

The Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Fund was established for the furtherance of the research, based in the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, on the anatomy, physiology, or life history of the Alcyonaria, corals, or related organisms.

As defined by the regulations of the Fund, awards shall only be made to graduates of universities of the United Kingdom and of the Commonwealth, now working in or with the Department of Zoology; preference is given to women graduates.

Applications for small research awards from the Musgrave Fund are now invited. In previous years the Fund Managers have interpreted "related organisms" quite broadly.

To apply, please submit your application to the .

Applications should comprise:

a) Proposal/Request, with budget (note, the total income available to the Fund managers to disburse is £7,000)

b) Applicant's CV

c) Names of two referees who would be willing to provide a reference in support of the application

Closing deadline: 5.00pm, Monday 19 November 2018

From the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge, 2007

  1. The sum of £1,000, the benefaction of the late Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave, shall form a fund called the Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Fund.
  2. The Fund shall be used for the furtherance of research in the anatomy, physiology, or life-history of the Alcyonaria, corals, and related organisms.
  3. The administration of the Fund shall be entrusted to the Managers of the Fund.
  4. Subject to the provisions of Regulation 2 the Fund shall be applied from time to time, at the discretion of the Managers, and subject to such conditions as they may think fit, for the following purposes:
    • to provide the emoluments of an Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Research Studentship;
    • to make grants for research.
  5. Awards from the Fund shall be made only to graduates of university of the United Kingdom, British Dominions, and British Dependencies overseas, now working in or with the Department of Zoology. In making awards the Managers shall give preference (a) to women graduates, and (b) to persons intending to carry out research in waters other than those surrounding the British Isles.

For further information, or to discuss applications informally, please contact the