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Hans Gadow Memorial Fund

The Gadow Fund is fully committed in 2016/17 and applications are not invited.

Gadow, Hans Friedrich (1855-1928), Portrait	Painting	David Muirhead	1919

From the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

The income derived from Mrs C.M. Gadow's bequest to the University shall form a fund to be called the Hans Gadow Memorial Fund, the purpose of which shall be the promotion and advancement of the study of Vertebrate Zoology.

  1. The Fund shall be administered by three Managers who shall be the Head of the Department of Zoology and two other persons appointed by the Faculty Board of Biology in the Michaelmas Term toserve for five years from 1 January following their appointment.
  2. The Fund shall be applied at the discretion of the Managers:
  3. to the payment of the fee and expenses of a lecturer to be called the Hans Gadow Lecturer
    • to the provision of payments in connection with the preservation or the study of the vertebrate fauna of Great Britain
    • to the provision of payments towards the cost of small biological expeditions approved by the Faculty Board of Biology
    • to such other purposes connected with the study of Vertebrate Zoology as may be approved from time to time by the Faculty Board of Biology.
  4. The Hans Gadow Lecturer shall be appointed by the Managers to hold office for one year, but a Lecturer shall not necessarily be appointed every year. The Lecturer shall be required to give one or more lectures on a subject, approved by the Managers, on some aspect of Vertebrate Zoology. The lectures shall be called the Hans Gadow Memorial Lectures. The Managers may make a grant from the Fund towards the cost of publishing the lectures.

The income generated from the Fund is currently wholly devoted to supporting academic staff costs in the Department and applications for other purposes are not at present invited.