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Department of Zoology


Last year many of you will remember Sir David Attenborough abseiled down the live wall in the building named after him.  Yesterday the abseilers were back to put the sign at the top of the building and it certainly got everyone talking.

This is a building that for years has been called locally the "Arup Building", after the architects who designed it in the 1960s.  In a funny co-incidence the Attenborough Building at Leicester University, named after Sir David's father, Frederick Attenborough, was also designed by Arup Associates not long after our building was built.  

Leicester's Attenborough Building may have one of the few paternoster lifts in the world but our building houses the Museum of Zoology which includes magnificent fossils, specimens from Darwin's Beagle voyage and a Derby winning horse.  It also hosts many of the Department's research groups: the Evolution of Brains and Behaviour Lab; the Evolutionary Ecology Lab; the Laboratory for Development and Evolution; the GeoGenetics Group; Behaviour and Evolution Group and the Conservation Science Group. 

All this is all alongside the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and leading internationally-focused biodiversity conservation organisations clustered in and around Cambridge.

We were also very lucky that one of our NatSci supervisors, Jamie Gundry, was in the Part II Common Room at the time and was able to set up a timelapse video of the letters going up.