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Department of Zoology


Yesterday, 27 March 2018, the University Museum of Zoology opened the lower gallery doors to visitors for the first time since 5 pm on 3rd June 2013.   

The whole Museum will open with a flourish in late June but until then visitors can enjoy the brilliant new galleries that showcase the amazing diversity of animal life, from mice to monkeys, mammoths to manatees.

The “Welcome to the Museum of Zoology” sign that greets visitors is made up of photographs of animal life taken by members of the whole Department of Zoology in the course of their travels.

The Museum now has a shop, selling a wide array of things, including toys, books, cards and ornaments.  Upstairs from the Museum is the Whale Café filling in the once windswept podium where the Fin Whale used to reside.

Not only has the fabric of the building and the galleries been refurbished, so has their website:

We are looking forward to the grand re-opening in June, which will be the final piece in the refurbishment of the David Attenborough Building.