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Department of Zoology


The Department held a farewell tea party on 25 June 2014 to mark the retirement of Neal Maskell.

Neal joined the Department in 1967 and retires having served since 2007 as Chief Teaching Laboratory Technician.  Attending the tea party was Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Jeremy Sanders, representing the Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Sanders and Head of Department Michael Akam spoke warmly of Neal’s dedication, expertise and passion for helping staff and students.  Prof. Akam quoted the late Prof. Gabriel Horn who wrote words which are as true today as in 1980: “Despite the pressures put upon him, Mr Maskell manages to preserve a friendly, courteous and unruffled manner with an undertone of firmness which is widely respected.” 

Over 100 colleagues, past and present, attended the event to express their thanks to Neal and to wish him well in retirement in Cornwall.