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Department of Zoology


Congratulations to Professor Andrew Balmford on the award of the Pilkington Teaching Prize for Teaching in 2017.  Andrew has been a member of the Department since 1998 and has been an inspiring lecturer in both second and third year courses in Ecology and Conservation.  He has been one of the key leaders of the second year Ecology field course which introduced students to original research and skills in writing a paper.

Comments from recent course evaluations for Andrew have been extremely positive and really highlight why he has been awarded the Pilkington Prize.

“Andrew Balmford is one of my favourite lecturers and the way he spins a lecture is almost like taking you through a story and you cling onto the words, waiting for the next time. Very engaging. Very enthusing. Very eloquent. Thank you.”

“I liked that the reading lists were very focussed. Andrew is always very clear in his lecturing style.”

 “Lectures were incredibly polished and slick, well-presented, interesting... really enjoyed them.”

Along with Professor Nick Davies, one of the inaugural winners of the Pilkington Prize, he has led a Saturday morning trip out to Lakenheath Fen in May each year.  Originally established as a trip to get revising final year students out into the fresh air it has turned into one of the highlights of the Departmental Year.

The Pilkington Prize was established in 1994 to acknowledge excellence in teaching, more information can be found on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website. Previous winners from this department are:

Professor Nick Davies
Dr William Foster
Professor Charlie Ellington
Dr Torsten Krude
(Dr Ed Turner while teaching at the Institute of Continuing Education)