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Department of Zoology


Cambridge ZooCast: What's it like to be a Graduate student in the Department of Zoology in Cambridge?

A group of postgraduates is producing some short videos about being a student in the Zoology Department. In each five-minute episode, two postgraduate students have a casual conversation on topics ranging from their research and academic work to extracurricular activities within the department and the university. 

Each student filmed took a turn as the interviewee in one episode and the interviewer in another.  In this first episode, Julie Sarmiento-Ponce talks to Matt Hayes about her work researching the acoustic signalling of crickets. 


Further information about Julie's work can be found on the Neurobiology Acoustic Communication Group web pages.

Future episodes will be released fortnightly via our YouTube Channel and the students hope to cover many of the research themes in the department.

The team of postgraduate students that put this together are: Matt Hayes, Liisa Hämäläinen, Amrita Mukherjee, Marie-Yon Strücker, Victor Kang and visiting student and film-maker Manasse Pinsuwan.