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Department of Zoology


We are delighted to announce that the Zoological Society of London has awarded two honours to members of our department.

Dr Andrea Manica has been awarded the prestigious Scientific Medal 2018 for research scientists with up to 15 years postdoctoral experience for distinguished work in Zoology. 

Andrea’s research focuses on understanding patterns of individual movement and has covered an impressive range of topics including recent contributions on human migration, evolution and population structure.

Dr Claire Spottiswoode, who won the Scientific Medal in 2017, has been chosen to deliver The Stamford Raffles Lecture.  The lecture is the foremost event in the ZSL's annual programme of Science and Conservation events. Claire follows a series of distinguished speakers and will give a lecture entitled “Collaborators and con-artists: coevolution as an engine of biodiversity”. Further details and tickets are available at

Many congratulations to them both.