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The Evolution and Development seminar series has been re-started this year. Organized by PhD students in this lab and Clare Baker’s lab (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience), the series covers all aspects of Evolutionary Developmental Biology and includes speakers who have had a significant impact on the field.

It consists of relatively informal lunchtime talks, which take about 45-50 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and discussion. We aim to highlight the common themes underpinning the diverse and multi-disciplinary research on organisms right across the animal radiation. Topics include micro- and macroevolution, embryology, developmental genetics, palaeontology and computational biology.

The seminars will be held in the Part II lecture theatre, on the first floor of the Department of Zoology, on Wednesdays 1-2pm.

Details of the series, including dates, speakers and abstracts, at:

For further information contact: Vera Hunnekuhl, Matt Benton, Jack Green, or Dorit Hockman



The Evolution and Development Seminar Series is sponsored by: