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Department of Zoology


Alex Hackmann wins Graduate School of Life Sciences Image Competition

17 March 2014

PhD student Alex Hackmann , from the Insect Biomechanics Workgroup , has won first prize in the Graduate School of Life Sciences Image Competition on 13th March 2014 for his Scanning Electron Microscopy image of a polystyrene particle attached to a cleaning hair of an ant. In the course of evolution insects have developed...

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Dr Nancy Lane featured in Dalhousie University Alumni magazine

11 March 2014

The career of Dr Nancy Lane is featured in the Alumni magazine of Dalhousie University:

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Professor Rhys Green discusses his career in conservation science with the RSPB and in the Department of Zoology

26 February 2014

Professor Rhys Green appears in the RSPB's short video about his career in conservation science. The video can currently be viewed on the RSPB's "Working with us" page:

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Nick Crumpton appears on BBC 4 series about the vertebrate skeleton

26 February 2014

PhD candidate Nick Crumpton has appeared in episode 2 of Ben Garrod's 'Secrets of Bones' on BBC 4, along with the RVC's Prof. John Hutchinson and UCL's Prof. Susan Evans discussing vertebrate's adaptations to life on (or underneath) the ground. You can view the episode here:

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BBC TV News: Launch of New Museum of Zoology Appeal

13 February 2014

Museum of Zoology staff describe the refurbishment challenge and the launch of the New Museum of Zoology Appeal on BBC Look East: (17.30 minutes into the programme).

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Museum of Zoology specimens on display in London

5 February 2014

The Museum’s dodo skeleton and other priceless objects from Cambridge Museums are currently on display in London at Two Temple Place. This BBC news clip describes the exhibition:

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Dr Denholm doesn't just study flies...

26 November 2013

Seven of the more unusual areas of scientific research

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Science lessons for MPs

22 November 2013

Professor Bill Sutherland is a co-author on a new "cheat sheet", published in this week's Nature, to help politicians and policy makers sort the good scientific research from the bad. He talks to Adam Rutherford in yesterday's Radio 4 programme about why it's more important and faster, to teach a scientific approach than...

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Professor Derek Smith on global pandemics

14 November 2013

Radio 4 'Frontiers' programme available now

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Why Museum of Zoology in Cambridge dismantled 70ft whale skeleton

1 October 2013

Cambridge News slideshow of the whale being dismantled

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